FIFS Reports

Year 2022
Fantasy Sports: Creating a virtuous cycle of sports development
Year 2020
The Business of Fantasy Sports

The FIFS & KPMG report gives an overview about the emergence & growth in the popularity of sports leagues in India, coupled with the rapid improvement in

Year 2019
The Evolving Landscape of Sports Gaming in India

The FIFS-KPMG report provides an overview of the Indian Sports Gaming industry, particularly Fantasy Sports & E-Sports. The report categorically establishes

Year 2018
The Laws Relating to Fantasy Sports Games in India

A comprehensive report on the key legal and regulatory aspects of fantasy sports in India published by the Sports Law & Policy Centre (SLPC)

Year 2017
Scoring Big with Sports Gaming

India’s first report on the emergence, consumption patterns, meteoric growth and future of Fantasy Sports in India by IFSG in collaboration with AC Nielsen

industry Reports

Game of Skill
Is It Luck or Skill: Establishing Role of Skill in Mutual Fund Management

The emergence of Online Fantasy Sports Platforms (OFSP) has presented a challenge for the regulatory bodies across the globe.

Fantasy Sports: A Game of Skill or Chance

Fantasy Sports is a form of skill-based online sports game where sports fans can create their own team made up of real-life players from upcoming matches.

Online Fantasy Sports Adding Value to the Indian Sporting Ecosystem

India has traditionally been a cricket crazy country and other sports had their own limited regional following

GST Levy on Fantasy Sports in India - White Paper
Before the advent and rapid adoption of technology, sports and gaming activities were limited to being played in real-life settings.

Sports Promotion
Understanding The Sports Consumption Behaviour Among Fantasy Sports Players

Presented By: Kantar
Presented for: Indian Federation of Sports Gaming

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